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Early Readers Exclusive

Welcome to the exclusive Early Reader Page for my upcoming Shadow Work Journal & Adult Coloring Book! This special area is reserved for those of you who have expressed a keen interest and support for my work. Here, you'll get the unique chance to explore the chapters of the book before its official release. I'm excited to share with you the blend of Shadow Work insights, art therapy, and animal symbolism that this book brings together.

Unveil Your Inner Strength, Find Peace Through Animal Wisdom, and Experience True Transformation Through
Art Therapy, Reflection, and Affirmations

Dear Early Readers!


Thank you for your interest and willingness to be a part of the Early Reader team for my new release. I am thrilled to share it with you and eagerly look forward to your feedback!


As a member of my early reader team, I hope you’ll provide an honest review on Amazon once we conclude this pre-release journey. Closer to the release date, I’ll send you all the necessary links and details to follow through on your commitment!


You will also have the opportunity to get the free e-book, which includes bonus extra colored pictures exclusive to the e-Book.


How The Early Reader Team Will Work


You will receive the book in chapters each day. Today, you have access to the Introduction to get started.


Each chapter release will include the sample coloring images from the book, as well as a convenient audio read-along, courtesy of our good friend Windows Cortana :).


Don’t worry, my real, human, fantastic narrator, Leah, who has a voice reminiscent of Brené Brown, is diligently preparing the Audible files. You'll get a sample when the Audiobook is released. For now, Cortana is just here to help fit into your busy schedules. I truly appreciate the time you take to read or listen.


At the end of the chapter releases, you will have the opportunity to view the full manuscript in all its glory to see the finished product.


Please remember, these chapter releases and the PDF will only be available for a limited time leading up to the launch.


I am immensely grateful for your participation in my team and eagerly await your review.

To begin your early reader journey, hit the button below to access the Introduction.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out on the "Contact" page or via email at



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